List of Subjects

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Subject Code Subject Title Syllabus Credits
CBS3302English for Chinese Cultural Themes0
CBS4949Child Communication Disorders and Special Education Needs (for CBS)CBS4949 Syllabus3
CSE39480English for Human Health and Environment (for Civil and Environmental)CSE39480 Syllabus1
ELC1003Extended Writing Skills ELC1003 Syllabus3
ELC1005English for University Studies IIELC1005 Syllabus3
ELC1007University English for Higher Diploma Students IELC1007 Syllabus3
ELC1008University English for Higher Diploma Students IIELC1008 Syllabus0
ELC1011Practical English for University Studies (for ALL)ELC1011 Syllabus0
ELC1012English for University Studies3
ELC1013English for University Studies3
ELC1014Advanced English for University StudiesELC1014 Syllabus0
ELC1A01Science Fiction as a Reflection on HumanityELC1A01 Syllabus3
ELC1A04From Lord of the Rings to Harry Potter: Fantasy, reality and humanityELC1A04 Syllabus3
ELC1A06Humanities and Human Relationships Through Films Across Chinese and Western CulturesELC1A06 Syllabus3
ELC1A07Storytelling for Life: Sharing Personal Narratives3
ELC1A08Digital Literacies and Language0
ELC1A09Language for the Workplace of the Future0
ELC1C03Creative Writing in English3
ELC1C05Horror in English Literature and FilmELC1C05 Syllabus3
ELC2011Advanced English Reading and Writing Skills (for All)ELC2011 Syllabus3
ELC2012Persuasive Communication (for All)ELC2012 Syllabus3
ELC2013English in Literature and Film0
ELC2014Advanced English for University StudiesELC2014 Syllabus0
ELC2101English Communication Skills (for ABCT)ELC2101 Syllabus2
ELC2102Writing Skills in EnglishELC2102 Syllabus2
ELC2401University English for the Faculty of Construction and Land Use (for FCLU)ELC2401 Syllabus3
ELC2501University English I (for COMP, EE, EIE, ISE, ME)ELC2501 Syllabus2
ELC2502University English IIELC2502 Syllabus2
ELC2602University English for Biomedical EngineeringELC2602 Syllabus2
ELC2S02Serving the Community through Teaching English0
ELC2S03Persuasive digital storytelling: small charities big impacts (for All)ELC2S03 Syllabus3
ELC3101English for Technical WritingELC3101 Syllabus2
ELC3103Technical English for Applied Science StudentsELC3103 Syllabus3
ELC3104Professional English for ITC StudentsELC3104 Syllabus2
ELC3105 English for Financial Management ProfessionalsELC3105  Syllabus3
ELC3106English for Workplace Communication (for FAST)ELC3106 Syllabus2
ELC3121English for Scientific CommunicationELC3121 Syllabus2
ELC3122English for Financial Management ProfessionalsELC3122 Syllabus2
ELC3123English for Technical Project Writing0
ELC3124Professional English for Data Science and Analytics StudentsELC3124 Syllabus2
ELC3124Professional English for Data Science and Analytics StudentsELC3124 Syllabus2
ELC3205Workplace English (for FENG)ELC3205 Syllabus3
ELC3221Workplace English for Business Students IELC3221 Syllabus3
ELC3222Workplace English for Business Students IIELC3222 Syllabus3
ELC3301English in the Workplace for CBS StudentsELC3301 Syllabus3
ELC3304English for Multimedia Design studentsELC3304 Syllabus2
ELC3305English for Product Innovation Technologies StudentsELC3305 Syllabus2
ELC3306University English for Design StudentsELC3306 Syllabus2
ELC3307Professional English for Design StudentsELC3307 Syllabus2
ELC3308University English for Digital Media Design StudentsELC3308 Syllabus2
ELC3309Professional English for Digital Media Design StudentsELC3309 Syllabus2
ELC3311Advanced Oral Communication for Students of Chinese and Bilingual StudiesELC3311 Syllabus3
ELC3321English for Students of Chinese Cultural Studies0
ELC3401English in the Workplace for Faculty of Construction and Land Use StudentsELC3401 Syllabus2
ELC3402English for Geomatics StudentsELC3402 Syllabus2
ELC3403Workplace English for FCLU StudentsELC3403 Syllabus3
ELC3404Job Application SkillsELC3404 Syllabus1
ELC3421English for Construction and Environmental Professionals (for FCE)ELC3421 Syllabus3
ELC3422Professional English Communication for Construction and Environment Students 0
ELC3502Professional English for Engineering StudentsELC3502 Syllabus2
ELC3503English for Engineering StudentsELC3503 Syllabus2
ELC3504English for Effective Workplace Communication (for Engineering)ELC3504 Syllabus2
ELC3505English for Effective Workplace Communication IELC3505 Syllabus2
ELC3506English for Effective Workplace Communication II (for Engineering)ELC3506 Syllabus2
ELC3507English for Technical Project Writing (for Engineering)ELC3507 Syllabus3
ELC3508English for Effective Workplace Communication (for FENG)ELC3508 Syllabus2
ELC3509English for Technical Project Writing (for Computing)ELC3509 Syllabus2
ELC3521Professional Communication in English3
ELC3523Scientific Writing for BME StudentsELC3523 Syllabus3
ELC3524Professional Communication for Computing Students ELC3524 Syllabus2
ELC3531Professional Communication in English for Engineering StudentsELC3531 Syllabus2
ELC3604English for Social Administration (for Department of Applied Social Sciences)ELC3604 Syllabus2
ELC3605English in the Workplace for Optometry StudentsELC3605 Syllabus2
ELC3606English for the Nursing Profession I (for SN)ELC3606 Syllabus1
ELC3607English for the Nursing Profession II (for School of Nursing)ELC3607 Syllabus1
ELC3608Professional English for RS StudentsELC3608 Syllabus1
ELC3610Workplace English for Social WorkersELC3610 Syllabus3
ELC3611Professional English for Biomedical Engineering I (for Department of Health Technology and Informatics)ELC3611 Syllabus3
ELC3612Professional English for Biomedical Engineering IIELC3612 Syllabus1
ELC3613Professional English for Medical Laboratory Science StudentsELC3613 Syllabus2
ELC3614Professional English for Radiography (for Department of Health Technology and Informatics)ELC3614 Syllabus3
ELC3615Final Year Project Proposal WritingELC3615 Syllabus1
ELC3621Professional English for Social SciencesELC3621 Syllabus0
ELC3622Professional Presentations for HTI Students0
ELC3623Scientific writing for HTI students0
ELC3625Writing MLS Final Year Reports (for MLS)ELC3625 Syllabus3
ELC3626Professional English for HTI StudentsELC3626 Syllabus3
ELC3627Professional English for Applied Ageing Studies StudentsELC3627 Syllabus2
ELC3628Professional English for Applied Ageing Studies and Service Management Students0
ELC3701English in the Workplace for SHTM StudentsELC3701 Syllabus2
ELC3721English Communication for Hospitality and Tourism Management0
ELC3822Professional English for Interactive Media Design Students0
ELC3823Professional English for Digital Media Students 0
ELC3824Professional English for Social Design Students3
ELC4101Final-Year Project Report Writing (for ITC)ELC4101 Syllabus3
ELC4201Executive EnglishELC4201 Syllabus3
ELC4701Communication in the Hotel and Tourism Professions (for HTM)ELC4701 Syllabus3
ELC5001Advanced English for Academic PurposesELC5001 Syllabus0
ELC501English for Postgraduate Studies ELC501 Syllabus3
ELC6001Presentation Skills for Research StudentsELC6001 Syllabus0
ELC6002Thesis Writing for Research StudentsELC6002 Syllabus0
ITC3041DProfessional Language Skills and Project Preparation0
ITC3042TProfessional Language Skills and Project Presentation (for ITC)ITC3042T Syllabus4
ITC3228DProfessional Language Skills and Project Preparation (by Collection)ITC3228D Syllabus4
MM2051Business Presentation Skills (for Accounting, Marketing and LMS)0
MM2052Personal Skills Development - Business Presentation Skills (for FB)MM2052 Syllabus3
MM2053Persuasive Business Presentation Skills (for FB)MM2053 Syllabus3
RS4050Capstone Project0
SD4262Capstone Research Project (Communication Design) (for School of Design)SD4262 Syllabus3
SD4466Capstone Research Project (Project Design)SD4466 Syllabus0
SD4562Capstone Research Project (Environment and Interior Design) (for School of Design)SD4562 Syllabus3
SD4862Capstone Research Project (Advertising Design)SD4862 Syllabus3
SN440Leadership Roles and Management Functions in HealthcareSN440 Syllabus0
SO4037Public Health Optometry (for Optometry)SO4037 Syllabus4
Writing RequirementWriting Requirement (for GEC)Writing Requirement Syllabus0
Subjects not currently offered
AERWAdvanced English Reading and Writing0
CorrespondenceGeneric Materials0
EAPEnglish for Academic PurposesEAP Syllabus3
ELC0012English Communication Skills IIELC0012 Syllabus3
ELC0013English Language Enhancement - Speaking Skills2
ELC0014English Language Enhancement - Listening Skills (for All)2
ELC0015English Language Enhancement - Reading Skills2
ELC0016English Language Enhancement - Writing Skills2
ELC1004English for University Studies IELC1004 Syllabus3
ELC1006English for Academic Purposes for Higher Diploma Students3
ELC1A02Multiethnic Identities and Lives0
ELC202English for Academic Purposes (for All)3
ELC2202Practical English for Logistics StudentsELC2202 Syllabus3
ELC2203University English for Business StudentsELC2203 Syllabus3
ELC2204University English (for Engineering)ELC2204 Syllabus3
ELC291English for University StudiesELC291 Syllabus3
ELC292English for University StudiesELC292 Syllabus3
ELC2S01Advancing English Oral Presentation Skills through Teaching0
ELC3102Workplace English for ITC studentsELC3102 Syllabus3
ELC3201Workplace English for Business StudentsELC3201 Syllabus2
ELC3203Workplace English for Business StudentsELC3203 Syllabus3
ELC3204Workplace English for Logistics StudentsELC3204 Syllabus3
ELC3310University English for Students of BABSELC3310 Syllabus3
ELC3522English for Technical Project Writing0
ELC3624English in the Workplace for Optometry StudentsELC3624 Syllabus2
ELEP-INTROIntroductory ModuleELEP-INTRO Syllabus0
ELEP-LIST1Listening and Speaking Skills for University StudyELEP-LIST1 Syllabus0
ELEP-LITR1English Through LiteratureELEP-LITR1 Syllabus0
ELEP-NEWS1English through the NewsELEP-NEWS1 Syllabus0
ELEP-READ1Vocabulary Building AELEP-READ1 Syllabus0
ELEP-READ2Vocabulary Building BELEP-READ2 Syllabus0
ELEP-READ3Developing Academic Reading Skills AELEP-READ3 Syllabus0
ELEP-SPEAK1Pronunciation AELEP-SPEAK1 Syllabus0
ELEP-SPEAK2Pronunciation BELEP-SPEAK2 Syllabus0
ELEP-SPEAK3Giving Oral PresentationsELEP-SPEAK3 Syllabus0
ELEP-WRITE1Using English Grammar AELEP-WRITE1 Syllabus0
ELEP-WRITE2Using English Grammar BELEP-WRITE2 Syllabus0
ELEP-WRITE4Writing Project ReportsELEP-WRITE4 Syllabus0
ELEP-WRITE6Developing Writing Skills BELEP-WRITE6 Syllabus0
ELFEnglish in Literature and Film0
EPPEnglish for Professional PurposesEPP Syllabus3
EssaysGeneric Materials0
EUSEnglish for University Studies0
Generic Presentations 0
Online 0
PCPersuasive Communication0
PELSPractical English Listening Skills0
PERSPractical English Reading Skills0
PESSPractical English Speaking Skills0
PEUSProficiency in English for University Students0
PEWSPractical English Writing Skills0
SD4002 0
SEPSupplementary English Programme0
SpeakingGeneric Speaking0
WritingGeneric Writing0